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Our topic is all about The Church!

R6.3 What we can in church (Alt+F5).pptx

Can you make a poster of all the things we can do in church?

R6.4 David is Baptised (Alt+F5).pptx

When we are baptised we become part of God's family! Can you find out about when you (or someone you know) was baptised? Who are your Godparents? What did you wear? Who came to celebrate with you?

World Religions

In Class A we begin to learn a little about the Jewish faith.



We learn about Shabbat. You can record what you learn on these sheets or think of your own way!

1. Jewish Children and the Sabbath.pdf

2. A Shabbat family meal.pdf


We are learning to read and write words with /air/ and /er/ words. we will be using these words to read and write simple sentences. you can use these words and sentences to help you or you can play some games on phonicsplay.co.uk

1. air words.pdf

2. air sentences.pdf

3. er sentences.pdf


We are learning how to write the letters

c, o. a, d, g, q

in this order. You will need to spend a little time every day and focus on no more than 2-3 letters each time.


 We are thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for the next 2 weeks.

Jack and the beanstalk(1)

Read the story. If you don't have the story at home you might be able to find it on the internet.

If you have a twinkl account you can listen to the story here.


This PowerPoint of the story might help too!

Jack and the beanstalk.pptx

2. Retell the story in your own words.

3. Draw a map of the story. Add some labels using your phonics.

4. Use the word cards to put the sentence in order. Can you make your own sentence and cut it into individual words for someone else to put in the right order?

Jack and the beanstalk.pdf

5. Make a little book with pictures and writing about the story.

6. Pretend to be Jack and write a letter to the giant. Would you say sorry? Would you try to make friends?

Letter to the Giant.pdf

7. Now pretend to be the giant and write a letter in reply to Jack.  Are you cross with him or would you like to make friends too?

8. Can you make a new ending for the story?

Maths 15.6.20

Double and halve the beans.pdfThis week we are recapping our work on doubling. We will also be learning how to find half of a number of objects. You might find it helpful to watch the Numberblocks episode "Double Trouble" again.

Double and halve the beans.pdf

Don't forget to record your work with pictures, numbers or number sentences!

Maths 22.6.20

This week we will be focussing on counting to and from 20. We will be thinking about ordering numbers to 20. We will also be able to do some addition and subtraction.

1. Maths_Idea_1.pdf

2. Maths_Idea_2.pdf

3. Maths_Idea_3.pdf

Can you record some of your work with pictures, numbers or number sentences?

Understanding the World 15.6.20

Do you have some seeds at home that you could try to grow. These instructions might help you!

Bean Germination.pdf