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Please continue to complete your Term 5 R.E work posted at the beginning of this term. If you have finished that, please complete the activities below. 

The Church is Born.pdf

First Christians.pdf

It is also the month of May, which is a special month dedicated to Our Blessed Lady - Mary. Complete this activity and practise saying her special prayer.

Hail Mary Prayer.pdf


Man on the Moon.pdf

Neil Armstrong.ppt

Neil Armstrong Reading Comprehension.pdf - there are three differentiated texts. Choose which text you are comfortable with reading.


Aswell as completing the activities I am providing, please remember to read books at home as often as you can! I can't wait to hear your excellent reading when we return to school.


Remember to continue to practise reading and spelling all of the Year 2 common exception words. Also, continue to practise your handwriting.



Remember to continue to practise your timetables aswell.

Measuring length in centimetres (cm)

1. Measuring length in centimetres (cm).pdf

2. Drawing lines in centimetres.pdf

3. Measuring objects in centimetres.pdf

Measuring temperature- degrees celsius (˚C )

1. Reading thermometers.pdf

2. Reading thermometers - challenge.pdf

3. Measuring temperature.pdf

Measuring capacity/volume in millilitres (ml)

Capacity is the total amount of liquid that can be held in a container. Volume is the amount of liquid that is in the container.

1. Measuring in millilitres (ml).pdf

2. Reading scales in ml.pdf

3. ml - colour the correct volume.pdf

Measurement challenges.pdf