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Positive Moments

If there is something that has made you or your child smile in these diffcult times, let us know so that it can be added to the website.

Send an email to the school office

Arts & Crafts

Some children have been learning new skills and have loved the opportunity for more arts and crafts...


How have you been celebrating during lockdown?


I know that many of you have had birthdays since school closed. To all of you, I hope that you have enjoyed a very happy day!


Celebrating VE Day

Home Learning

Many of you have told me how you are enjoying the home learning that has been published on the learning platform.  Thank you!  I know that working at home can be quite a challenge - well done (to you and your Mums and Dads)


Reading at Home

What have you enjoyed reading recently?



I have heard of two children (Year 4 and Year 6) who are really enjoying Harry Potter. 



This animation was made by one of our Year 6 pupils. She sent it to me and hoped that it would make me smile. It definitely did. I hope that it makes you smile too!

Click on the smile and see what you can do with a line!


For Those Without a Pet

If you've always wanted a pet but don't have one...don't be sad. Make a virtual one. They don't leave a mess, they are very quiet and they love having their photos taken!

Science at Home

You all know that Ms Thacker LOVES science.  Well, it appears that she is not the only one.  One year 3 child was inspired by the work set by Mrs Clifford and built her own bee hotel.  She has also built her own habitat from some old bark in the hope of attracting some bugs!

During the first week of lockdown, one year 3 child and her little brother planted pumpkin seeds.  They have enjoyed watching them grow.  Do you think that they will be ready for October?

Some children started to grow sunflowers in gardening club.  These ones have needed repotting.

Pupils in the News

Some of our pupils were on the BBC News.  They were filmed clapping for carers.  Did you see them?

Some of our key workers' children painted rainbows to spread happiness and hope.

Have Fun in the Kitchen!

These two have been busy baking. They've made cakes, cookies and pretzels. They've even been helping making the dinner. For their Mum's birthday, they made a red velvet birthday cake. Sounds delicious!

Family Games

The following games have been recommended by our pupils:

Card Games

Board Games




Games using Dice