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Overview of our R.E. Curriculum

World Faiths

Class A, B and C - Judaism    

Class D - Sikhism

Class E - Hinduism

Class F - Islam

Class G - Buddhism and a review of all World Faiths

As part of the RE curriculum, children study world religions and are taught to respect the faith of others'.  To supplement the work completed within the class, children visit places of worship.  This year, Class C have visited Rochester Synagogue.  Class D have visited Gravesend Gurdwara (Sikh Temple).  They needed to cover their heads and were offered food as part of the Sikh culture.  Class F visited a Mosque in Gillingham.  In addition, Sultana (and her family) presented an assembly for all of our Key Stage 2 children to learn more about Islam.  We would like to thank all those who welcomed us so warmly.  

Policies & Reports

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