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Year 2 Computer Club

Some year 2 pupils took part in an after school computer club. We enjoyed programming BeeBots and Micro:Bits, creating content on Turtle Academy and Scratch and using the internet safely to create PowerPoint presentations.


Internet Safety Day 2022

Hosted by Dave Robinson – Schools Computing and Online Safety Consultant

Dave has 30 years’ experience as an educator, first as a teacher then consultant working in schools in the south east. He delivers online safety courses, workshops and conferences to education professionals with his company Schools Computing. He has worked with pupils and staff supporting the curriculum and takes many staff meetings.

In the crucial area of online safety, he has spoken to thousands of parents and worked with hundreds of pupils. He is a trained CEOP Ambassador and runs an annual primary teachers conference on online safety. He also works with the National Centre for Computing Education.

As a parent himself (4 children) he is sympathetic with the demands and pressures of parenting and likes to make the sessions active with videos, quizzes, discussions and practical information to support the family.

During the day Dave worked with the KS2 pupils and updated the staff after school.  He fedback on the survey carried out in KS2 sharing some of the answers in the parents quiz.