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Welcome to the Maths page!

Reception Games and Ideas

In reception, most of our work is done practically. The children record their own work using pictures and numbers to help them to explain what they have learned.

Here are some ideas to do at home.

1. Beat the clock


2. Dice


3. Pattern making


We use times tables rockstars to get faster at our times tables.


Key Stage 1 Games and Ideas

In Years 1 and 2, we continue to start our new learning with practical equipment and drawing before we record our work. Here are some fun games to play. You can record your learning if you want to!

1. Shut the box.


2. Noah's Ark


3. Starfish spotting


Key Stage 2

Here are some puzzles and games you can play with just a pencil and paper to start you off.

1. Four Go for Two


2. Zios and Zepts


3. Reach 100


Additional Resources

We have been sent a link to some additional games and activities which are free to use. Why not give them a try!


A puzzle to try!

Katie had a pack of twenty cards numbered from 1 to 20.

20 cards numbered from 1 to 20.

She arranged the cards into six unequal piles.

The numbers on the cards in each pile added to the same total.

What was the total and how could this be done? Are you curious enough to find out?