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Class D

Class Governor

Class D's class governor is Mrs Anna Krzyanowska.

Spellings Term 2

This is what we are using to help us choose a reading book

How to choose a book

Class D Routines - Term 3

Home Tasks:

Homework will be set on a Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday.

MATHS: See if you can learning how to tell the time.  Digital and anologue (12 hour and 24 hour). Keep learning your times tables (division and multiplcation - Quick recall rather than counting on your fingers).

Reading daily : make book reviews.  Write questions for your parents to ask you about the book.

Spellings: Year 3/4 Spelling list: work your way through at least 3 a day (put them in sentences). But also look at words you spell wrong regularly.

 PE: Go for walks, skip, hop, jump, go up and down steps, think about some of the tasks we do in circuit training - try to adapt them.

GeographyLook at World, Europe and UK maps.  Look on google maps at rivers, mountaians, coast lines.  Learn the countries and major cities, rivers and mountains in the Uk.

Help with chores around the house (cooking, cleaning ...)


Something to think about...

Class D Learning Platform




Fantastic work Year 3 on your Stone Age Research!


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