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Read some Bible stories from Old Testament maybe Noah's Ark, Daniel in the Lions Den, Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat (or any others).  Draw and write about one or more of these stories and think about the message they might have for us from God. 


We are learning all about ourselves and our relationships with God, our families and our friends.

This Power Point will help you to think about some of these important aspects of our lives.


1. Me and My Family.pdf

2. Me and My Friends.pdf


In phonics we are using the games on phonicsplay.co.uk to read and write words and simple sentences with these graphemes- 'ure' and 'er'.

We are learning to read all the tricky words upto Phase 4 and write the tricky words up to Phase 3. You will find these in the back of your Learning Log and there are games on the phonicsplay.co.uk website. 

Understanding the World

1. What can you find out about farms?

2. Show me what you know about ladybirds!

Show me what you have been doing!



We will be reading and doing writing challenges on the story "What the Ladybird Heard".


If you don't have a copy of the story at home you can read it here.

What the Ladybird Heard.pptx

Here are some writing challenges you can try, all based on the story.

  1. Make a list of all the characters in the story.

  2. Make a map of the farm and label the different features using phonics.

  3. Write a list of instructions for the thieves to know where to go on the farm to steal the cow.

  4. Draw the animals and write a speech bubble for them.

  5. Make a “Wanted” poster to help the police to catch the thieves.  Wanted poster.pdf

  6. Make a story about a new adventure for the ladybird.


We are learning how to correctly write the letters- e, s and f. We are practicing these every day for 5-10 minutes. If you are not sure of the correct formation please refer to the guide that was included with your Learning Log.


1. Can you paint a picture of your favourite scene from the book?

2. Can you make a model of a ladybird using recycled materials?



We are learning all about 2D and 3D shapes with lots of practical activities. The children should be able to name and describe a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder.

1. Make a shape picture or collage

collage shapes(3)

2. Print some shape pictures using shaped cardboard tubes.

printing shapes(2)

3. Build a model with wooden bricks (or similar) and talk about your model.

4. Make a repeating pattern with 2D shapes, eg

shape pattern

Play some shape and pattern games online here.



6. If you have a printer at home you may find these cut and stick shape pictures fun to do!