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Please continue to complete all R.E work set this term and then complete this special activity about Mother Mary.

Our Lady's Special Month.pdf


Once you have completed your previous work set on Neil Armstrong, please complete this extra activity.

Neil Armstrong.pdf


Read the story - Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob).pptx

Answer questions about the story - Man on the Moon story questions.pdf

Complete these writing activities about the story. Do as many as you can. Writing activities .pdf

Write a book review about the story - Book review.docx

 Some spelling, punctuation and grammar work -SPAG Fluency.pdf


Before moving on to the next activities, make sure you have learnt about length (cm), volume/capacity (ml) and temperature (˚C) from your previous learning.

Extra work on these measurements -More on Measurements.pdf

Mass (Weighing objects)

We can measure mass in grams (g) or in kilograms(kg). There are 1000 grams in 1 kilogram so heavier objects are usually measured in kilograms.

Try this first - Grams and Kilograms.pdf


1. Reading mass in grams.pdf

2.Mass in grams.pdf


Mass in kg.pdf

Challenges - Mass Challenges.pdf