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Please make sure you have completed all R.E work set so far before completing the next activities.

The man who could not walk.pdf

Peter escapes from prison.pdf


Animals and their offspring

Match each animal to their offspring. You could also write the name of each animal and the name of their offspring e.g cow and calf

Animals and their offspring.pdf

Basic needs for survival of animals

Watch the video and complete the quiz - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/

Now show me what you learnt from the video. You can create this however you want. You might write a letter to me explaining the basic needs of animals, you might create a fact file for a specific animal or you might create a poster.


Reading activities

Fiction Comprehension.pdf

Non Fiction Comprehension.pdf

Reading Suffixes.pdf


Practise your handwriting

Practise your joined up writing.pdf


Possessive Apostrophes

Find out about possessive apostrophes - Possessive Apostrophe Powerpoint.ppt

Now complete these activities:

Apostrophe for Possession Work.pdf

Apostrophe for possession.pdf

Correctly using a possessive apostrophe .pdf

Creating your own sentences.pdf



Create your own space themed poem - Poem.pdf