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Daily Maths and English AND Science and Creative lessons: Oak National Academy Lessons

Continue with Oak Academy Week 12 - there does not appear  to be any so Do week 1's learning  for English and Maths use week 1   / or white rose maths. 


Click on Academy: Click on schedule: Click on Maths or English: Click on the correct day of the week..

Term 6 time table tasks.pdf

There are also Foundation Lessons (Science and Creative).  If you follow the timetable you will cover these over the next 6 weeks.

The creative, science and geography lessons can be found here

Take a Geography this week: Where is Earths Water?  I will be quizzing you.

Religious Education: Journey to Love

Continue if not completed.

Please work your way through this powerpoint and booklet. 

Discussing and answering the questions with an adult.




Continue practicing the Year 3 and 4 spellings.

Writing sentences or small stories using them.

I will be asking to see sentences with adjectives and adverbs in next week.


Practice Times Table

Time table Rockstars.

Times table generator will help you create practice sheets and remember to do division too.

If you are whizzing through, White Rose Home learning has some fun maths too.


Firstly,  I hope you have competed these: 

You should now be on to the Assessment tasks - REALLY SHOW OFF your knowledge. 

I look forward to seeing some - look out for my requests on the Dojo site.

Then, complete the assessment tasks (these should take you several weeks)

It would be lovely to see some prayers based around our School Values: Courage, Honesty, Perseverance, Kindness, Respect and Sharing.


SPAG.jpgUser name and password was sent to you by ParentMail: I will be setting 6 new/revision SPAG tests each week.

Read daily 

Read a Fiction text.  Try a novel (non-picture book).

I will be asking for a book review.