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Firstly, complete the tasks already set.

Then, complete the assessment tasks (these should take you several weeks)

World Religions

Within Term 6, each year group studies a different world religion.  Year 3 focusses on Sikhism.  Please click here to find your task. 

This video clip might help you with your work.


Term 6 time table tasks.pdf

We are going to follow the Oak Academy lessons.  This week is Week 6 for Maths and English.

There are also Foundation Lessons (Science and Creative).  If you follow the timetable you will cover these over the next 6 weeks.

The creative and science lessons can be found here


Continue with Oak Academy Week 8

Practice Times Table

Time table Rockstars.

Times table generator will help you create practice sheets and remember to do division too.

If you are whizzing through, White Rose Home learning has some fun maths too. 


Continue with Oak Academy Week 8.

Create a Fact file on Sikhism. (this links to RE)

Read a non-fiction text (on a topic you do not know about - netball, ants, being an ice skater etc ...)

Continue practicing the Year 3 and 4 spellings.

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