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RE - World Religions

Complete this Year 5 work on World Religions if you have not already completed it. 

World Religions: Islam


BBC Bitesize Islam



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English Including SPaG

Grammar and punctuation test 1 with answers

Grammar and punctuation test 2 with answers

Grammar and punctuation test 3 with answers

Grammar and punctuation test 4 with answers

Use the links below to access work on: 

Balanced argument


Scroll down the page to the relevant lessons. 

Continue with SPaG.com too!



Maths mat 9 with answers

Maths mat 10 with answers

Use this worksheet to recap angles:

Measuring angles in degrees

Measuring angles in degrees answers

Use this link to access lessons for Summer Term - Week 10 (w/c 29th June).

Complete each lesson then the worksheet below (there are 2 worksheets for lesson 1). 

Most questions do not require a protractor.  

Measuring with a protractor

Measuring with a protractor answers

Measuring with a protractor 2

Measuring with a protractor 2 answers

Drawing lines and angles accurately

Drawing lines and angles accurately answers

Calculating angles on a straight line

Calculating angles on a straight line answers

Calculating angles around a point

Calculating angles around a point answers

Now complete the Friday Maths Challenge.

Use this link to access lessons for Summer Term - Week 11 (w/c 6th July).

Complete each lesson then the worksheet below.

Regular and irregular polygons

Regular and irregular polygons answers

Reasoning about 3D shapes

Reasoning about 3D shapes answers


Reflection answers


Translation answers

Complete the Friday Maths Challenge.

Challenges: Properties of shape

Challenges: Position and direction 

Continue with Times Tables Rock Stars too!