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Once you have completed the activities given in your first learning pack, have a go at the following:

Called to Serve - understand that we are all called to be disciples.  Reflect on our response to this invitation.

Sacrament of Confirmation - understand what the Sacrament of Confirmation does for us.  Reflect on how we could use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation Activity - help to prepare a quiz.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Short writing tasks - can you complete one of these each day?

Longer writing tasks - have a look at the powerpoint to remind you of each genre.  The lesson plan shows what we would have covered in the classroom.  Use the planning sheet to help you with each task. 

Write a story - Island Paradise

Write a newspaper report - Earthquake


Information for parents - you may find this useful.  The types of questions encountered during reading assessments (and mark allocation) are explained within this publication.

For each of the following, you have been provided with a text to read, a question/answer booklet and a mark scheme.  Read the text, answer the questions and then mark your work and see how you have done.  If you have not got full marks for a question, can you identify why?

The telephone box - text

The telephone box - questions

The telephone box - mark scheme


The holiday - text

The holiday - questions

The holiday - mark scheme


Throwing a tree - text

Throwing a tree - questions

Throwing a tree - mark scheme


The following reading assessments look at fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Once you have marked your work, enter your results into the spreadsheet (if you get an answer wrong, enter '0') and see where your strengths lie.

Assessment 1

Assessment 2

Fiction - textquestionsmark scheme

Non-Fiction - textquestionsmark scheme

Poetry - textquestionsmark scheme

Assessment 2 - spreadsheet for marks


Number and place value workbook

Number and place value answers

Order of operations (BODMAS)

The following papers will test your basic arithmetic.  With practice, you will be able to recall and apply number facts more quickly. Remember to show your working.

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4

Paper 5

Paper 6

The following activities require you to apply mathematical knowledge from a number of curriculum areas.  See if you can identify your areas of strength (and make a note of topics that you might need a bit of extra help with).  Answers are included on the second page of each activity.

​Maths Mat 1

Maths Mat 2

​Maths Mat 3

​Maths Mat 4

​Maths Mat 5

Maths Mat 6